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Organizations that’s my personal experience and actually it reminded me of another point on the valuation which is i think when you look at valuing ecosystem services and you think about people like subsistence farmers you may get a very very small dollar value but in terms of the number of people in Indonesia about what impact it’s viewed so again dollar values may not be the right metrics there may be more about number of communities that rely on the resource a number of people that might.

Be displaced if it weren’t there any other question ma’am thank you for making that last point I come from India and it’s something that’s been on my mind I also had a question for you in your work in in South America have you noticed any cultural difference as far as why people are valuing ecosystem is it just the dollar value or are they going because of the subsistence farming and the other issues that you just brought up that’s a great question and i think what we’ve found is a lot of the people.

That were you talking to on the user’s side of the equation maybe think about it in the same way that maybe taus user of water would think about it in terms of their municipal water authorities there breweries their bottlers hydro power companies that care about their Property Valuation Sydney dam reservoir setting up what we found is cultural issues are extremely important when you’re dealing on the provider side because people there are participating in these schemes for a lot of different reasons some of them are because you know there are cultural reasons and they care about the environment some of it is more about community actually in these places very interesting and Ecuador there are no direct payments.

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Prospectors in the prospectus is with the Goldman sequitur research numbers magically show up for the test evaluation I’m going toehold back on the verdict because be unfair for me to claim things that don’t know but i do have three questions for Goldman first is do you guys have any input into the choice of these deal makers but how came up with EverReady Lazar to test actually.

pick up a car out of a hat and did Property Valuation Melbourne you suggest totem that they should pick up a core second the Solar City cash flows that came from Solar City’s but I know there is no circularity’s will actually work through Abandon catcher number somebody did this for them did you have any role in estimating those cash flows and finally how the hell did your equity research for skies end up in investment banking evaluation of supposed to be a Chinese wall between equity research and investment banking or is that.

what so full of holes that people can climb up the wall and down the wall and over the wall it through the wall I’m hold off on the verdict until I find out maybe suspicious minds want to know so we looked at the evidence of past verdict now it’s time for the sentencing right now if this were just work here’s what should happen at least with Landward Evermore there should be some additional punishment the punishment tried to take the form of legal sanctions where a court steps aren’t toucan do this this is in competence or loss of business types of bad news don’t think either is likely to happen on the legal sanctions front i described legal settings as the place where evaluation first-principles go to die the courts are so bound by respect for history presidents and expert witnesses even when.

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you’re going to see bigger companies looking to set up there because from an affordability, from a company perspective point of view,it’s actually very cheap to run a company there. You just got to get the right talent to take your business forward.Bryce Foldaway It’s actually a really good point you say because it’s a bit like Gee long.You don’t really want to buy a property that has the ideal tenant in the demographic between and because they’ve left and gone to Melbourne.

But then they want to comeback once they have kids and go closer to mom and dad. That’s the same with Adelaide.If they do move into state for another job opportunity, it’s usually around the time they have their kids. They want to come back. So that’s a little slipstream that you want to avoid in terms of the demographic.Bryce Foldaway I guess that leaves us with the three states that are probably.

on the not-act list for and for us that’s Northern Territory.Ben Kingsley Yes.Bryce Foldaway Western Australia.Ben Kingsley Yes.Bryce Foldaway And Tasmania. I think poor old Western Australia, largely is the one product, one customer town.


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Assets still improved and it says to me it’s obviously going to retested for emotional appeal the owner occupier appeal in resale and we’ve talked before about when you’re renovating for profit you want to try and get two dollars for every one dollar you put in so you can still make money out of improving the asset and that’s potentially what some people have done over the genie so we need to look at that and make an observational assessment as to whether it’s a bi or whether it’s a pass so not all properties are created equal is probably the the.

when you’ve got a negative Perth Property Valuers population growth it’s always going to be challenging you know and obviously I unemployment that’s always going to be challenging for income growth which is a big driver fours well tourism retail and forestry is largely what they you know drives the economy and you know let’s be honest we’d all love to live in in Tasmania i fit wasn’t so cold yeah I leave their food every day like he was a Dracula so that being said what was the outcomes of the regional stuff was exactly the something now if we look back at price history in Hobart there was one periodontist property prices over month period grew by almost sixty percent and okay yeah that is a classic case the same two regional areas where your time the market so if you can pick when there is that you know pent-up demand and low scarcity.

real differential between quality assets that give you great returns and they’re not so good ones that give you poor return sand the job is of an investor whether it be share market because you’re not buying the share market you’re buying the company and its the company’s perceive valuation.

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So now and again we ought to broil for our closings and I have blanketed this in growth articles surely a way to comprehend this. The ironic component is that it’s far a criminal offense to “set off” a person to signal an accord with replacement friendship is in location. The lawyer general’s office will sanction these instances in case you evolve evidence and the seller cooperates – which is normally the court docket deed furthermore the homeowner is threatened gone a produce a result skirmish or foreclosure.

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So as soon as we signal a good buy long gone a vendor, we regarding continually e-book an NOI within the public sticky label album which is efficaciously alien adjoining the property valuation. I issue to repeat this due to the fact the subtleties of this “alien” are relatively ways afield accomplishing. This NOI now needs to be launched as a lien upon the assets previously the name can be transferred except there may be a foreclosure shame to wipe out it.

The lien holder (the original entrepreneur/customer) starts of evolved a foreclosures court come upon to sanction the property. If this sounds spiteful, it is just an unconditional to a millstone in which one birthday party to a covenant won’t maintain within the works he happens much less of the contractual phrases – just next to a lender does to a house owner.

The NOI does not compulsion to be signed via the home owner/vendor so every person can put an NOI upon all and sundry’s property. simply bear in mind, there is usually a sign in the Clerk’s office that announces something to the impact that “in case you input alien that isn’t always precise, it’s far a felony”, therefore suppose two times nearly what you take effect again you acquire it – don’t get it in enrage or it is able to fee you a lot in attorney’s charges.